Lover Bear Backpack

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Neon pink CORDURA backpack

Lover Bear is your greatest friend and a reliable backpack.

Colour of this Bear backpack brings you SUPERPOWER of Creativity and Love.

 - Adjustable straps

- Reflective Logo

- Water resistant lining

- Inside pocket with signature print 

- Signature massive zipper

- 45 cm tall from feet to ears

- Capacity: 30*25*10 cm of space inside to carry many of your stuff


Made from waterproof and excellent resistance to abrasion CORDURA material

Shell: 100% CORDURA shell

Lining: 100% Polyester

To safe the original condition of the bag, we recommend keeping it out of the sun and away from cosmetics and heat sources. This Bear should be stored in its pouch in a dry place. 

Designed in London 

Handmade in Ukraine