About the Designer

My name is Alina Khachatrian I’m the creative force behind Dear Humans, a London/Kyiv based fashion brand that specializes in unique Bear Backpacks and Bags. I launched Dear Humans in 2015 while doing my BA in Costume for Performance at London College of Fashion.

The vision of Dear Humans is very personal to me as it always reflected my everyday conflict between being an adult with big inner child energy. 

Mission of my brand is to empower inner child within all of us through playful and imaginative designs. Also my love for kids and their ability to remain true to themselves with pure hearts and minds inspired me to create a brand that embodies this spirit. My grandma is still has this energy she always inspired me and gave me hope that it doesn’t go away just because you’re an adult.

Dear Humans is created for adults who cherish their inner child and hold big dreams in their hearts. Each piece in the collection reflects my passion for combining this vision and functionality.

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